İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Open Data License

All materials under this site are licensed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality under CC BY 4.0 international license, unless otherwise stated. For license details;

You can use the link

The data can be copied, edited and distributed, including for commercial purposes, provided that they are attributed.

You Are Free to Do;

  • Copying, publishing, distributing and transmitting data,
  • Adapting the data,
  • You may use data commercially or non-commercially, for example by combining it with other data or adding it to your own product or app.

You Should Do These;

You should reference the sources of data you will use in your product, work or applications via a attribution statement and, if possible, provide a link to this license.

If the statement cannot be provided, the statement “Includes public sector information licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).” should be used.

If you are unable to make these statements due to the use of multiple data provider sources, you can link to the source containing the necessary statements.

Data providers and licensor cannot be held responsible for errors and deficiencies in the data on this portal. Likewise, data providers and data licensors are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by use. Data providers do not guarantee the continuity of data.