İzmir Open Data Portal is a portal, where the data related to İzmir are published by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which believes in the importance of managing the city with a transparent, accountable and multi-stakeholder structure.

The portal releases the data of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Departments, ESHOT General Directorate, İZSU General Directorate, and the subsidiaries of the Metropolitan Municipality. The portal is also designed in a way that all organizations, institutions and establishments that want to share data in accordance with open data standards can share their data.

Researchers, entrepreneurs or users do not need a formal process to access information from the İzmir Open Data Portal. Thanks to user-friendly interfaces, the sought data can be found, analyzed, included in different studies and shared in a short time. New ideas can be found and investments can be planned with data sets. In addition, the services of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality can be examined in terms of quality and quantity, and new proposals can be developed about these services and by doing so, contribution can be made to the management of İzmir.

We hope that the İzmir Open Data Portal will lead to new added values for İzmir, with the belief that knowledge and data, which is a source of information, will increase as they are shared.